Friday, December 30, 2016

Universal Storm

Even the light is shaken,
lost in itself.
Strangers smile,
but friends hedge
on saying they are happy.

As we fall into darkness,
both by season and nation
I trust our united self
will bring us through this one.
Elements that grow larger
by the day:
unearthed hatred and rage,
separatism and fear,
accepted lies, ignored truths,
these are frothing at the mouth

I don’t retreat
as I sign petitions and make calls
and push deeper into my work
my purpose —
continuing the creative process
of God creating me
so that I can create.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Love and Hope

The circle of time
is never broken—
unveiling the path
from birth to death
and back again.
Spirits rise from old flames.

Life carries on.

Death is not a closed door
but an opening
into a new horizon.
It leaves the body empty
save for the memories
we bestow upon it.

Yet life goes on

through its wretchedness and despair
pushing its way forth
into untold beauty.
We will come out of this.
When and how is not known,
but spring does follow winter
and we can join again
fuller for the lifting of the veil
and richer for life's embrace.