Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Edge

The war is over.

That raging battlefield  
trying to set you free.  

There is nothing  
left to fight  
save the remains  
of a thought  
that someone is  
tying you down.  

The spirits wait  
for you to fly with them
to plan your course  
and stay with it.

Your safety
is not their concern.

and feel that
deeply embedded within you.

There is no place  
to land.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Inner spirit  
bursting with flame  
I am here to show you  
your sedate ways  
Your willingness to do  
the same thing  
every day  
How seriously  
you take yourself.  

That burning itch  
inside you  
that begs to do  
something different today.  
Something new!  
Your patterns  
are a bore  
your daily rituals  
nightly preparations  
I am here to  
shake you up  
Dance on the ceiling  
Open you up  
to the big picture  
and worldly passions.  

I am here  
to befriend you  
Feed me  
and I will feed you  
Feel me  
and I will  
keep you alive  
Nourish me  
and your burning desires  
will ignite your heart  
to live in this world with  

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