Sunday, June 19, 2011

Inside You

Conceived from love
I had nothing to do
but grow.

Inside your womb
you kept me warm
and comfortable
feeding me, filling me
with your essence.

You sat touching your belly
I felt your singing
his, too, as he
reached out to be with me.

And when I kicked
everyone wanted to
feel me move!
Such passion surrounding
my being there.

All this wonder
All this joy
How is it
that I could forget?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two Worlds

Walking the mystical path
with practical feet
I delve in and record
swooping into depths
I cannot reach alone.

Led to the underworld
with pomegranate seeds
in my hand,
the promise of spring
pulls me back up
toward the sun.

Here I soak in the light
and deliver what my heart knows
No longer bound
to the fire and fury
of getting it right
I cradle what comes forth
and unleash it to the world.

Beckoned by the
call of the wild
this new territory
is fresh and free
radiant and humbling
soothing and sacred
as I tread lightly
to not disturb
new growth.