Thursday, April 29, 2010

Inside Out

Turn me inside out  
to see the raw material  
I live by —  
the uncalculated  
free spirit  
I am.  

My heart  
facing it's deepest struggles.  

My lungs  
filling fully after chemicals  
wore them down.  

My liver  
flushing out  
the toxic waste that plugged it.  

Here I am,
ready, present  
and fully believing
that inner strength keeps growing  
wisdom is not elusive  
joy is not fleeting  
and the gates to creativity  
open deeper and deeper  

as we travel  
toward the sun  
on the road called life.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Allow the world  
to be new again —  
to me.  

Wake up my
Garden from a
sense of innocence.  

What would happen  
if I threw a handful of  
seeds out there —  
what might grow?  

Experiment, play  
Drop all my technicalities.  
Laugh, dance, have fun.  

What would happen,  

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Leaving Childhood

One day
not suspecting
what would happen
I left childhood.

I never knew
I would find myself
so alone
in the world.

Not a soul
to turn to
not a friend
with which to share.

I left childhood
on a bright morning
wearing my favorite dress
which I would never wear again.

I fell into silence
that only the stars shared
and all I would trust
was Orion to guide me home.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Apprentice yourself
to you.

Learn about your
weaknesses, liabilities
deepest longings
talents, gifts
delightful ways.

You are a work in progress
like any piece of art:
a start here
a stroke there
Unknown at the beginning
how it will end up
what form it will take
what message it will radiate.

The adolescence of being —
pushing into new places.
An exciting adventure
of procurement

A world of doors opening
to the imagination
driven by inquisitiveness
Leading to
and unfolding

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I could sit here for years  
and not tire of you.  

Every butterfly  
could touch my head  
Every wildflower  
open full  
Every pine cone  
fall by my side  
And I would still want more.  

Every duck  
could float on by  
Every ripple  
travel through  
Every breeze  
mess my hair  
And I would still want more.  

Every bough  
could brush my arm  
Every bird  
chirp its song  
Every dusk  
have it's dawn  
And still...  

I could sit here for years  
and not tire of you.