Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Portal

The way out  
is always through —  
through the grief  
through the passion  
through the unending pain  
that has followed you  
all your life.  

Feel your longings  
feel your want of freedom from  
which leads to freedom to.  

Breathe in deeply  
I am here  
I am always here.  

Open like the eyes of an animal  
roaming in society  
built up around her.  

Open like the beast  
hunting for food  
keenly aware  
that any moment his life may end.  

Open knowing  
this is your home.  
Fill the ocean with your tears  
feel the earth supporting you.  
Rise again  
be born anew.  

Life can flow easily  
through you again.  
There is a way out  
there is love,  
hope and wild beauty  
there is peace
even contentment.  

There is a way for you  
to grow into who you already are.  

But you have to  
be willing to go through.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear Mother Earth

This morning I awake  
and you fill me.  
Your bountiful glory  
sweeps through my veins.  
I am alive with my  
awareness of you.  

Taking you in all at once  
is almost too much to do —  
you overwhelm me.  
My heart beats for you  
my breath depends upon you.  
Your sounds caress my ears  
your chirps, waves  
secret calls  
entice me to listen deeper.  
Your colors fill my eyes.  
How many shades of green you are,  
tints of blue.  
And your color combinations —  
what magic!  

Your Jasmine greets me  
with the sweetest, softest scent  
your vine intermingling my mind  
with places I knew  
but here, now, you are dripping  
with fresh rains  
from the heavens.  
Clouds white with gray overtones —  
how do you do this?  

Your gentle undulating waves  
mesmerize me  
your abundant gardens  
fill me with life enhancing  
tastes and goodness.  
You are all.  
You carry the wisdom of the One.  
YOU are amazing.  

And I am here  
loving you  
and feeling your perennial  
love for me.  
There is nothing more  
I want or need.  
I am full.  
Full of love  
for you.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Heart Line

It starts with a crack. 
You know the kind — 
a rock hits your windshield  
and over the years  
the crack slowly wields its way  
across the entire glass of your car.  

Only this time  
it takes billions of years
The earth moves  
a rock shifts,
lifts and cracks.  

And on this crack  
thousands of years ago  
a soul, not unlike my own  
knows its intended work  
is for the heart  
to crack open.  

So the heart finds the line  
to rest on —  
knowing that as it cracks open  
again and again
life will continue to be lived  
on the edge.  

And the soul knows  
this is the work  
it's supposed to do  
no matter where it is  
or whose body it enters  
or how it is interpreted.  

The heart is meant  
to crack open  
over and over
until life is lived  
fully in passion  
fully in the mystery  
fully as a lover of the beloved.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Raw Earth

What if I  
don't behave?  

What if I run  
in the streets and say 
look — you — 
are beautiful  

What if I sing  
at ocean's edge  
calling to the waves  
as they call to me  

What if I answer  
each bird's song  
with a song of my own  

What if I shout for joy
that I am alive  
experiencing earth  
here, now, fully  

What if I pick up  
a handful of soil  
and drop it  
on my head  
yes — you —  
the soil that springs up life  

What if all  
the ways of suppressing  
my joy are removed  

What if self-criticism  
perfectionism and fear  

What if I dance instead of walk  
laugh instead of smile  
sing instead of talk?

And what if  
I meet you there
how will you

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