Sunday, November 28, 2021

Babbling Brook

If I could sit forever
at a babbling brook
Would I treasure it as much?


Thursday, November 4, 2021

The True Mystery

We know the things
that cannot be seen
hold us together— 
atoms, energy, gravity, thoughts, 
creativity, memories, dreams,
even love.

But the things
we do see— 
the blossoming of trees,
children playing, wild animals,
ships and cities, 
mountains and streams,
it is this, the visible,
that is the true mystery 
of the world.

Unfolding Beauty

Take your time
and be everywhere you are.

Be here in the mountaintop
overlooking the vast land
Be here in the land
grounding your feet
Be here in your feet
holding your body
Be here in your body
housing your heart
Be here in your heart
opening your connection to others
Be here with others
opening to the oneness of the world
Be here with the world
evolving in mysterious ways.

Approach her with grace
and she will lead you
to unfolding beauty.

A New Spring

This is our time of reckoning—

out of the dark

into a life
unsure of itself,
into a spring

that challenges our wants

with new reality.

Behaviors are questioned.

We cannot fall back

on the old

as we fashion the path ahead.

What joy a hug is,

a laugh in person.

Little things in life


This is a spring

to be marveled—

even the roses

are larger.