Thursday, March 17, 2011


Embedded in the mystery
is the one thing
I cannot unravel
dissect or tear apart —
it is my soul
saying 'Yes'

Through the chaos
my soul speaks to me
and I have followed it
not always knowing why.

To this day, 'Yes'
has obliged me to stay
and devour the doubt
the scrooge
the unknowing one
the one not wanting
to look so deeply
the one not wanting
to open up and share.

My soul knows
to repeat this to me
time and again
till I fully embrace
and trust it —
to follow 'Yes'

and here I am.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Burning fire —
I step into you
boldly unknowing
where you will lead.

Though you try
to humble, confuse and
mock me
I walk your coals.

Who am I, you say,
to know my soul
to show my trivial self
to think others care?

Like those who have
forsaken you before,
I take a step
into the madness
into the dream
into the blunder.

Your rising flames
surround and scorch me
even torment me
but leave no exit