Saturday, September 17, 2011


Surrendering to erosion
time takes its toll.
Mornings stiffer than
they used to be
hair thinner
lines more prominent.

A gentle merging
me and life.
I feel closer
to the flowers
the outside calls
inside stirrings.
Every gnaw in my stomach
a reminder
I am human
and fallible
and mundane.

In collaboration with death 
I see the passing of the years
rein in on me
opening me up
to the collaboration with life
which fills my every cell
and expands me
into the wildness
of existence.

I open the windows of my soul
to the whims of the day
as new adventures unfold
and I, a wisp in the wind,
trust to erosion
giving life to my very being
and joyfully enter
the day.