Friday, July 20, 2012

Days of Gray

There is a crack
   in my world
where water seeps
   into the core
   of the earth
where the diatribe
   of opposing forces
   lead beyond traces
   of human awareness.

In this global trend
   toward self-destruction
I am torn
   by dying species
   tainted water
   and atmosphere so clogged
   grays haunt my paintings.

Yet magic abounds
   in this universe
   that calls to be saved
by doctors flying
   into war zones to treat
   the newly wounded.

I seek to be
   part of our greater good
our cosmology that rests
   on human-kind
   to push it forward.

Where politics
   and religion fail
there is nothing left
   to pick up the pieces
but us -- individuals --
   fighting for our
   very existence.

So I follow the crack
   into the center
   of the earth
to touch upon
   what is alive
   that cannot be seen
and needs the most
   to be shared.