Thursday, October 6, 2011


This is art.

It is not what you see
on the page in front of you
or on the street corner
advertising itself.
It is not tucked away
in museums
or made to be paid for.

It is here
in the way we live
in the thoughts that arise.
Every time we
get out of our way
and let our soul shine through
this is art.

Every breath that
leaps out of our body
to entangle with the world,
everything that surrounds us,
replenishes us, advances us,
every sunrise, sunset,
moon glow, starburst,
wild fruit, butterfly.
This is art.

We live in luxury
surrounded and are part of
the greatest creation —
this luminous world.
When we see it with clear eyes
and feel it with an unencumbered soul
this is a masterpiece
and we are all players.