Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Drifts of Sand

It is not meant to be understood —
the twists of fate.
It takes us in
and around and through
the portals of our creation,
but doesn’t stop there.

Oh, if it would just
rest on a happy day,
or the view of the sunset
warm, rich, alive.
If it would keep the child here longer
or keep this moment forever in us.
If we could hold fast this love
tie a knot on it
perhaps the pain
could be in our bearing.

But time moves on.

We are sand
sifting through life in one direction
absorbing what we can
going out the door alone.
Leaving our loved ones
with the hope
that we are still here

and perhaps we are.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Spirit Rises

Something passes
and we are touched.
Yet spirit moves forward.
Matter falls.

Spirit is from the start.
We are born and we die
and die and die.
We watch as rains fall
and we feel
the cracking of the earth
the cracking of our hearts.
Yet spirit
never ceases to rise.
And in our surrender
she takes us into her arms
and carries us with her.

And leaves still fall
and trees are bare
and time
will let them bloom again
as spirit rises
and matter falls.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Great Moments

Great moments
dwell in the grasses
and the trees
In the fluttering light
that surrounds us.

They live in the stories
that are shared
from one person to another
In the deep songs of the soul.

They open the door to love
Propel us from here to there
Make our cells feel alive.

Great moments
tap as gently
as the beating of your heart
They come and go
like whispers in the wind.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Edge of Chaos

At the edge of chaos
spirit moves
in a different dance.

Away from the storm
waves subside
as motion slows.

A delicate beauty
rises from the mist
which swirls
in the forgotten movement

left alone to be discovered.