Friday, February 26, 2010

Dawn's Rose


I greeted you  
this morning  
at the pivotal part  
of day.  

Still gray out  
dew in the air  
I walked your path.  
Emerging from  
brown twigs  
and sleepy greens  
you secretly  
showed your face,  
to your own  
newness and beauty.  

And there
in the silence  
that only a
crow's caw sliced  

I know  
you greeted me.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Morning Ocean

Wild water wanderer
As far as I can see
It's all you —
   on and on
   to the gentle
   curve of the earth.
And more beyond that.

The morning birds
   come to greet you
What have you brought
   from your travels?
Fish from far away shores
   ancestors to become
   part of the food chain.

Ducks take their morning bath
   otters their playful swim
I take my morning breath
   upon you —
Salt in the air
   moistness, breeze.

Life — I am part of you
   Beauty, you are part of me.
Old patterns of holding back
   break like waves
   on the rocks
   into billions of drops
Like tears falling from my eyes.

How can we not be one?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010



"Where are you going?"
the rabbit asks me
along the way.

To a new land
where there is safety
in the unknown
Where I can fly
without taking
my feet off the ground
Where my life
touches those
I have never met —
and theirs touch mine
Where I can feel
beyond the depths
laid out in front of me.

Where I can appreciate
the vastness of this
world and leave a
tear as a sign of
my devotion
Where the stars guide me
and my soul knows the way.

"Who will go with you?"
she calls out
as she hops past me.

Those with the insight
to pull me up
when I fall
Those with a heart
deeper than my own
Those who can look
in my eyes
and share their souls
And those who call out to me
to give a hand beyond their own
to help with their next step
which neither of us know.