Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Time

half over/barely begun
Time not wasted
but going fast.

Strawberries' fresh taste
already given way to
farmers' markets full
with variety.

Peaches' sweetness
dripping down my chin.
Plums rich and ripe.
Ah — the lusciousness
of summer.

And my "to do" list —
slowly working away on it
but — half over!?!
So much more to enjoy
swimming, biking, hiking...
I need more time.

My pace has slowed
more relaxed with the heat
loose, open.
Not yet dreading winter
for that memory has softened
but oh
so not ready
for summer
to be even
half over.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Think Big

What keeps you small?  

Wherever that shows up  
no matter  
how minute the issue is —  
if you are small in some way  
Release it.  

It’s time  
to step up to the plate  
Leave your childhood  
protectors behind  
Face them  
Thank them for having  
kept you safe ­—  
Now they are  
keeping you small.  

and move on  
to the land of big.  

You are here to add  
to this glorious cosmos  
You are here to  
open our eyes  
to something  
we could not see without you.  
You have a place  
in the stream  
You have a place  
in the world.  

You can’t get there
by being small
     and comfortable
          and safe.

The big picture
is your birthright
It’s time
to step up
and claim it.