Sunday, January 31, 2010



We are here  
not lightly.  
It is not all  
fun and games  
nor hardship and woe.  
We have an obligation  
to fulfill.  

We don't come here  
knowing what it is  
we learn it  
through trial and tale.  

Beholden to our life  
is our purpose —  
our real work.  
Often hidden  
because it is deep,  
the deeper we open  
the closer we come.  

How do we know  
what our obligation is?  
When we find it  
we can do nothing else.  
It occupies us  
obsesses us  
scares and excites us.  
We don't do it for money  
or for someone else's cause.  

When we discover it  
we know it is real  
and nothing can  
take its place.  
This is what  
we are here to do.  

All of our challenges  
and hardships  
lead us here.  
This is the  
home of our soul  
yet, oddly enough,  
we only know  
what it is  
once we have found it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Then and Now

Once upon a time  
life was different,  
swept through the planet  
unknowing of the ways to come  

Once upon a time  
life was raw  

Once upon a time  
great beasts  
roamed the planet  
fish walked  
amoebae grew.  

Once upon a time  
what mattered most  
mattered least 
what stood up tallest  
what eroded  
created anew.  

Once upon a time  
a stage was set  
for life now.  

Once upon a time  
is not so distant  
as today will someday be  
Once upon a time, too.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ode to the Veil


One doesn't know  
the veil is there  
before it is lifted,  
Until that aha moment  
when it dissolves 
opening to a new reality,  
a doorway into  
the continuing dream.  

How many veils  
are still up now?  
What hides the beauty  
that I don't see,  
what befalls me  
that I don't breathe in  
with reverence?  

What love  
do I not experience  
for some blind spot,  
what joy do I  
not languish in  
for some grid of perception  
that comes between it and me?  

What small miracle  
do I not wonder about  
and admire  
for its brilliance?  
What part of life  
am I missing?  

In my Ode to the Veil  
I am hereby ready  
to have it removed,  
so I can fully enjoy  
with ecstasy  
the truth surrounding me.  

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010



Caring for the land
nurtures us
like caring for our mother —
the Mother of Life

Soil that feeds us
is being washed away,
blown away
by the tons
lost to the oceans.
This is our home
the home that feeds us.

I used to know all this,
lived it
but that deep caring is gone.
Food gets thrown out
not composted
worms leave to find
a richer feeding ground.
Soil left unnourished.

I am in front of
the computer
feeding my mind.
My body needs to
work — the work
of the Soil.

My neighbor's fava beans
are already up.
What am I waiting for?

Sunday, January 10, 2010


A full growing up —
the exploration of nature,
my body in nature,
imagination, emotions

The childlike acts
of a child in the world:
Dancing, Leaping, Enacting
Joy —
in my adult body
seem foreign.

True expression
fierceness, opinions
even happiness
seem dampened, lifeless.

Sing — I want to sing!
Scream with Joy!
Release my sensations
into the world.

Adult — be damned
I am a child
waiting to explode
I am a spirit
yearning to be free.

I am free.
What holds me back
is not a stiff body
but a controlling mind.

I take off my hat
I dance in the rain —
Where, now,
are those puddles?

Friday, January 8, 2010

One World

Life invites us in  
A chair is there for sitting
a bed for sleeping
a tree for hugging.  
It is interactive
we are part of the dance.

Separation causes disunity
a me, a thou  
Harmony is unity
us, we, ours.
We are all sharing this world.

A smile can go a long way,
a laugh — miles. 
The moon invites us to visit
the Milky Way to wonder
the sun shares its heat,
the stars their twinkle
Orion, his protection.

Plants invite us to eat
trees share their bounty
the oriole says, "look at me"
the zebra boasts its stripes
the cat shares her love.

And us
we share our souls
the deep intimacy
of our being
to lighten
the days of others,
brightening ours
along the way.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Deep imagination.
The kind that
shows up in dreams
the anchors of our reality.

Floating in our sleep
images, near and far

new, unsought after,

A pathway to the soul
sometimes explicit

other times fuzzy.
Still important.

Now to connect
the inner world

to the outer one.
Breathe in deep
trust to imagination.

Soften to the soul
let it permeate life.

Open, be aware.
Last year's troubles
are behind you —

a new world is opening.

"What would you do

if you knew you 

couldn't fail?"

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