Thursday, August 26, 2010


Slipping into the stream  
I sit by water’s edge  
drained of thought  
and activity  
as if melted  
into moistness  

Sliding past rocks  
and trees  
I am not alone  
but merged with  
my surroundings  

Birds fly by  
not noticing me  
I don’t notice me  

Time ceases to exist  
Only my heartbeat  
reminds me  
I am human  

And here  
in this wonderland  
of creation  
befalls me.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Center me gently
'mid labyrinths and roses
full moons and long nights
of sleepless unrest.

Bring me down slowly
near magical mountains
green grassy fields
and slumbering plains.

Wake me up fully
among fellow humans
wanting to know
their soul's reason to be.

Take me back quietly
when time says it's ready
and still waters open
for me to swim in.

Let me long linger
'til sweet ones are happy
enjoying the cycle
of love in the rain.

May peace and joy come
and bring me around
to life's lonely planet
with streams of white water

where passion and process
mend fences and heartaches
and love ever lasting
can't keep me away.

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