Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Love turneth me around
and sobers me
Wakens my soul
to dance again.

Gliding through nature
with no need to stop
I am free of control,
Able to move
in all directions at once.

Love cometh over me
and swims me
out of darkness
No longer searching,

Of all the things
I've asked for
this one shines above

Taking me home
shattering, breaking,
tearing me
along the path

To arrive here
unscathed now
and loyal.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cultivating Soulfulness

On the edge of aloneness
i don't look down
i simply wait

wait for solitude
to overtake me
to jolt me, awaken me
into the other

at the precipice of my existence
i stumble
not knowing what to do next

frogs croak
water tumbles
rocks crumble

immersed in nature
i follow the seed planted in me
twisting and turning

growing in ways
i cannot imagine.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Awakening

The rebel in you
the rebel in me.

That long-removed
satisfied, carefree
sleeping rebel of mine.
I feel it stirring.

Yes —
that gut-wrenching music
of your rebel
has invaded me
shaken and reminded me
there are other ways
to live.

And though I am beyond
my teenage years
I do still have
and desires
and lusts.

And while I know
your rough waters
are alive in me
I also know
my still waters
are alive
in you.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Daily Practice

I fell into my own life today
guided by a growing need
to change my pace
to appreciate my days
and surroundings
to dance with the wind
dread nothing
open to pleasure

Softness ensues
as worlds open
and I fall between the cracks

perhaps not to come up
for a while.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Wild beast
in my arms
cat untended

I want to tame her
comb her
fuss with her

Finding more
places to hide
she will share
none of these

She is happy
to leave me
in exchange for
pure love.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Come home
to your soul.

This temporary world
will only lead you to the edge
Nothing will get you
past this one:
Your desire
to know that place
deep within.

The ground
is not here
to walk on
It is a thin layer
to cross.

Slip through
into the underworld
the belly
the place you long to be
where wisdom dwells.

Go naked.

Monday, September 13, 2010


This time 
there are no rules
Only that deep longing
you can no longer suppress:
To live your one true life.

Lost as you may be
Lost as you may become
the descent
into your soul
is the only way
to find yourself again.

The deeper you go
the more truth you unfold
the wiser your journey
the clearer your path.

The sun
is infinitely patient
as the moon
guides you now
through the layers
of discovery
that will determine
how bright your light
will eventually 

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Slipping into the stream  
I sit by water’s edge  
drained of thought  
and activity  
as if melted  
into moistness  

Sliding past rocks  
and trees  
I am not alone  
but merged with  
my surroundings  

Birds fly by  
not noticing me  
I don’t notice me  

Time ceases to exist  
Only my heartbeat  
reminds me  
I am human  

And here  
in this wonderland  
of creation  
befalls me.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Center me gently
'mid labyrinths and roses
full moons and long nights
of sleepless unrest.

Bring me down slowly
near magical mountains
green grassy fields
and slumbering plains.

Wake me up fully
among fellow humans
wanting to know
their soul's reason to be.

Take me back quietly
when time says it's ready
and still waters open
for me to swim in.

Let me long linger
'til sweet ones are happy
enjoying the cycle
of love in the rain.

May peace and joy come
and bring me around
to life's lonely planet
with streams of white water

where passion and process
mend fences and heartaches
and love ever lasting
can't keep me away.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Time

half over/barely begun
Time not wasted
but going fast.

Strawberries' fresh taste
already given way to
farmers' markets full
with variety.

Peaches' sweetness
dripping down my chin.
Plums rich and ripe.
Ah — the lusciousness
of summer.

And my "to do" list —
slowly working away on it
but — half over!?!
So much more to enjoy
swimming, biking, hiking...
I need more time.

My pace has slowed
more relaxed with the heat
loose, open.
Not yet dreading winter
for that memory has softened
but oh
so not ready
for summer
to be even
half over.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Think Big

What keeps you small?  

Wherever that shows up  
no matter  
how minute the issue is —  
if you are small in some way  
Release it.  

It’s time  
to step up to the plate  
Leave your childhood  
protectors behind  
Face them  
Thank them for having  
kept you safe ­—  
Now they are  
keeping you small.  

and move on  
to the land of big.  

You are here to add  
to this glorious cosmos  
You are here to  
open our eyes  
to something  
we could not see without you.  
You have a place  
in the stream  
You have a place  
in the world.  

You can’t get there
by being small
     and comfortable
          and safe.

The big picture
is your birthright
It’s time
to step up
and claim it.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Edge

The war is over.

That raging battlefield  
trying to set you free.  

There is nothing  
left to fight  
save the remains  
of a thought  
that someone is  
tying you down.  

The spirits wait  
for you to fly with them
to plan your course  
and stay with it.

Your safety
is not their concern.

and feel that
deeply embedded within you.

There is no place  
to land.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Inner spirit  
bursting with flame  
I am here to show you  
your sedate ways  
Your willingness to do  
the same thing  
every day  
How seriously  
you take yourself.  

That burning itch  
inside you  
that begs to do  
something different today.  
Something new!  
Your patterns  
are a bore  
your daily rituals  
nightly preparations  
I am here to  
shake you up  
Dance on the ceiling  
Open you up  
to the big picture  
and worldly passions.  

I am here  
to befriend you  
Feed me  
and I will feed you  
Feel me  
and I will  
keep you alive  
Nourish me  
and your burning desires  
will ignite your heart  
to live in this world with  

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Cosmic Flow

Caught in a love stream  
the one that usually  
flows past me  
as I get trapped  
in the rocks  
by a twig  
in a whirlpool.  

this time  
I'm swept away  
pushed forward.  
I can't see ahead  
can only sense behind.  

The current is soft  
but I'm definitely  

this time  
in the flow.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010



our true self  
what it wants  
through us.  


it takes time  
to know ourselves —  
how we feel  
what we want to do  
what we do best  
how we want to be.  

What does  
this soul  
Find it  
tend to it  
treat it with care  

and a blossoming  
like no other  
can be created  
in this lifetime  

to share.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Inside Out

Turn me inside out  
to see the raw material  
I live by —  
the uncalculated  
free spirit  
I am.  

My heart  
facing it's deepest struggles.  

My lungs  
filling fully after chemicals  
wore them down.  

My liver  
flushing out  
the toxic waste that plugged it.  

Here I am,
ready, present  
and fully believing
that inner strength keeps growing  
wisdom is not elusive  
joy is not fleeting  
and the gates to creativity  
open deeper and deeper  

as we travel  
toward the sun  
on the road called life.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Allow the world  
to be new again —  
to me.  

Wake up my
Garden from a
sense of innocence.  

What would happen  
if I threw a handful of  
seeds out there —  
what might grow?  

Experiment, play  
Drop all my technicalities.  
Laugh, dance, have fun.  

What would happen,  

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Leaving Childhood

One day
not suspecting
what would happen
I left childhood.

I never knew
I would find myself
so alone
in the world.

Not a soul
to turn to
not a friend
with which to share.

I left childhood
on a bright morning
wearing my favorite dress
which I would never wear again.

I fell into silence
that only the stars shared
and all I would trust
was Orion to guide me home.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Apprentice yourself
to you.

Learn about your
weaknesses, liabilities
deepest longings
talents, gifts
delightful ways.

You are a work in progress
like any piece of art:
a start here
a stroke there
Unknown at the beginning
how it will end up
what form it will take
what message it will radiate.

The adolescence of being —
pushing into new places.
An exciting adventure
of procurement

A world of doors opening
to the imagination
driven by inquisitiveness
Leading to
and unfolding

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I could sit here for years  
and not tire of you.  

Every butterfly  
could touch my head  
Every wildflower  
open full  
Every pine cone  
fall by my side  
And I would still want more.  

Every duck  
could float on by  
Every ripple  
travel through  
Every breeze  
mess my hair  
And I would still want more.  

Every bough  
could brush my arm  
Every bird  
chirp its song  
Every dusk  
have it's dawn  
And still...  

I could sit here for years  
and not tire of you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Portal

The way out  
is always through —  
through the grief  
through the passion  
through the unending pain  
that has followed you  
all your life.  

Feel your longings  
feel your want of freedom from  
which leads to freedom to.  

Breathe in deeply  
I am here  
I am always here.  

Open like the eyes of an animal  
roaming in society  
built up around her.  

Open like the beast  
hunting for food  
keenly aware  
that any moment his life may end.  

Open knowing  
this is your home.  
Fill the ocean with your tears  
feel the earth supporting you.  
Rise again  
be born anew.  

Life can flow easily  
through you again.  
There is a way out  
there is love,  
hope and wild beauty  
there is peace
even contentment.  

There is a way for you  
to grow into who you already are.  

But you have to  
be willing to go through.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear Mother Earth

This morning I awake  
and you fill me.  
Your bountiful glory  
sweeps through my veins.  
I am alive with my  
awareness of you.  

Taking you in all at once  
is almost too much to do —  
you overwhelm me.  
My heart beats for you  
my breath depends upon you.  
Your sounds caress my ears  
your chirps, waves  
secret calls  
entice me to listen deeper.  
Your colors fill my eyes.  
How many shades of green you are,  
tints of blue.  
And your color combinations —  
what magic!  

Your Jasmine greets me  
with the sweetest, softest scent  
your vine intermingling my mind  
with places I knew  
but here, now, you are dripping  
with fresh rains  
from the heavens.  
Clouds white with gray overtones —  
how do you do this?  

Your gentle undulating waves  
mesmerize me  
your abundant gardens  
fill me with life enhancing  
tastes and goodness.  
You are all.  
You carry the wisdom of the One.  
YOU are amazing.  

And I am here  
loving you  
and feeling your perennial  
love for me.  
There is nothing more  
I want or need.  
I am full.  
Full of love  
for you.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Heart Line

It starts with a crack. 
You know the kind — 
a rock hits your windshield  
and over the years  
the crack slowly wields its way  
across the entire glass of your car.  

Only this time  
it takes billions of years
The earth moves  
a rock shifts,
lifts and cracks.  

And on this crack  
thousands of years ago  
a soul, not unlike my own  
knows its intended work  
is for the heart  
to crack open.  

So the heart finds the line  
to rest on —  
knowing that as it cracks open  
again and again
life will continue to be lived  
on the edge.  

And the soul knows  
this is the work  
it's supposed to do  
no matter where it is  
or whose body it enters  
or how it is interpreted.  

The heart is meant  
to crack open  
over and over
until life is lived  
fully in passion  
fully in the mystery  
fully as a lover of the beloved.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Raw Earth

What if I  
don't behave?  

What if I run  
in the streets and say 
look — you — 
are beautiful  

What if I sing  
at ocean's edge  
calling to the waves  
as they call to me  

What if I answer  
each bird's song  
with a song of my own  

What if I shout for joy
that I am alive  
experiencing earth  
here, now, fully  

What if I pick up  
a handful of soil  
and drop it  
on my head  
yes — you —  
the soil that springs up life  

What if all  
the ways of suppressing  
my joy are removed  

What if self-criticism  
perfectionism and fear  

What if I dance instead of walk  
laugh instead of smile  
sing instead of talk?

And what if  
I meet you there
how will you

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Dawn's Rose


I greeted you  
this morning  
at the pivotal part  
of day.  

Still gray out  
dew in the air  
I walked your path.  
Emerging from  
brown twigs  
and sleepy greens  
you secretly  
showed your face,  
to your own  
newness and beauty.  

And there
in the silence  
that only a
crow's caw sliced  

I know  
you greeted me.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Morning Ocean

Wild water wanderer
As far as I can see
It's all you —
   on and on
   to the gentle
   curve of the earth.
And more beyond that.

The morning birds
   come to greet you
What have you brought
   from your travels?
Fish from far away shores
   ancestors to become
   part of the food chain.

Ducks take their morning bath
   otters their playful swim
I take my morning breath
   upon you —
Salt in the air
   moistness, breeze.

Life — I am part of you
   Beauty, you are part of me.
Old patterns of holding back
   break like waves
   on the rocks
   into billions of drops
Like tears falling from my eyes.

How can we not be one?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010



"Where are you going?"
the rabbit asks me
along the way.

To a new land
where there is safety
in the unknown
Where I can fly
without taking
my feet off the ground
Where my life
touches those
I have never met —
and theirs touch mine
Where I can feel
beyond the depths
laid out in front of me.

Where I can appreciate
the vastness of this
world and leave a
tear as a sign of
my devotion
Where the stars guide me
and my soul knows the way.

"Who will go with you?"
she calls out
as she hops past me.

Those with the insight
to pull me up
when I fall
Those with a heart
deeper than my own
Those who can look
in my eyes
and share their souls
And those who call out to me
to give a hand beyond their own
to help with their next step
which neither of us know.

Sunday, January 31, 2010



We are here  
not lightly.  
It is not all  
fun and games  
nor hardship and woe.  
We have an obligation  
to fulfill.  

We don't come here  
knowing what it is  
we learn it  
through trial and tale.  

Beholden to our life  
is our purpose —  
our real work.  
Often hidden  
because it is deep,  
the deeper we open  
the closer we come.  

How do we know  
what our obligation is?  
When we find it  
we can do nothing else.  
It occupies us  
obsesses us  
scares and excites us.  
We don't do it for money  
or for someone else's cause.  

When we discover it  
we know it is real  
and nothing can  
take its place.  
This is what  
we are here to do.  

All of our challenges  
and hardships  
lead us here.  
This is the  
home of our soul  
yet, oddly enough,  
we only know  
what it is  
once we have found it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Then and Now

Once upon a time  
life was different,  
swept through the planet  
unknowing of the ways to come  

Once upon a time  
life was raw  

Once upon a time  
great beasts  
roamed the planet  
fish walked  
amoebae grew.  

Once upon a time  
what mattered most  
mattered least 
what stood up tallest  
what eroded  
created anew.  

Once upon a time  
a stage was set  
for life now.  

Once upon a time  
is not so distant  
as today will someday be  
Once upon a time, too.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ode to the Veil


One doesn't know  
the veil is there  
before it is lifted,  
Until that aha moment  
when it dissolves 
opening to a new reality,  
a doorway into  
the continuing dream.  

How many veils  
are still up now?  
What hides the beauty  
that I don't see,  
what befalls me  
that I don't breathe in  
with reverence?  

What love  
do I not experience  
for some blind spot,  
what joy do I  
not languish in  
for some grid of perception  
that comes between it and me?  

What small miracle  
do I not wonder about  
and admire  
for its brilliance?  
What part of life  
am I missing?  

In my Ode to the Veil  
I am hereby ready  
to have it removed,  
so I can fully enjoy  
with ecstasy  
the truth surrounding me.  

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010



Caring for the land
nurtures us
like caring for our mother —
the Mother of Life

Soil that feeds us
is being washed away,
blown away
by the tons
lost to the oceans.
This is our home
the home that feeds us.

I used to know all this,
lived it
but that deep caring is gone.
Food gets thrown out
not composted
worms leave to find
a richer feeding ground.
Soil left unnourished.

I am in front of
the computer
feeding my mind.
My body needs to
work — the work
of the Soil.

My neighbor's fava beans
are already up.
What am I waiting for?

Sunday, January 10, 2010


A full growing up —
the exploration of nature,
my body in nature,
imagination, emotions

The childlike acts
of a child in the world:
Dancing, Leaping, Enacting
Joy —
in my adult body
seem foreign.

True expression
fierceness, opinions
even happiness
seem dampened, lifeless.

Sing — I want to sing!
Scream with Joy!
Release my sensations
into the world.

Adult — be damned
I am a child
waiting to explode
I am a spirit
yearning to be free.

I am free.
What holds me back
is not a stiff body
but a controlling mind.

I take off my hat
I dance in the rain —
Where, now,
are those puddles?

Friday, January 8, 2010

One World

Life invites us in  
A chair is there for sitting
a bed for sleeping
a tree for hugging.  
It is interactive
we are part of the dance.

Separation causes disunity
a me, a thou  
Harmony is unity
us, we, ours.
We are all sharing this world.

A smile can go a long way,
a laugh — miles. 
The moon invites us to visit
the Milky Way to wonder
the sun shares its heat,
the stars their twinkle
Orion, his protection.

Plants invite us to eat
trees share their bounty
the oriole says, "look at me"
the zebra boasts its stripes
the cat shares her love.

And us
we share our souls
the deep intimacy
of our being
to lighten
the days of others,
brightening ours
along the way.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Deep imagination.
The kind that
shows up in dreams
the anchors of our reality.

Floating in our sleep
images, near and far

new, unsought after,

A pathway to the soul
sometimes explicit

other times fuzzy.
Still important.

Now to connect
the inner world

to the outer one.
Breathe in deep
trust to imagination.

Soften to the soul
let it permeate life.

Open, be aware.
Last year's troubles
are behind you —

a new world is opening.

"What would you do

if you knew you 

couldn't fail?"

Start a blog  ; )

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