Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Leaving Childhood

One day
not suspecting
what would happen
I left childhood.

I never knew
I would find myself
so alone
in the world.

Not a soul
to turn to
not a friend
with which to share.

I left childhood
on a bright morning
wearing my favorite dress
which I would never wear again.

I fell into silence
that only the stars shared
and all I would trust
was Orion to guide me home.


Melissa Dinwiddie said...

Wow - what a powerful poem. And your artwork expresses the isolation, fear and loneliness in the words. Haunting.

Anthony Lawlor said...

Thank you so much for sharing this poem and image. The poem is powerfully raw and open, yet loving and tender. Brought tears to my eyes. For me the image depicts the shattering of primal wholeness. A core experience we share, the difficult passage into our humanity. Thanks you for expressing this so beautifully and honest. You've given us a true gift.

Carol Measures Scott said...

I am so touched that you would share this with us all. For me it wasn't a stranger, but I too left childhood unexpectedly at the hands of another. I am grateful to you for posting your poem and your artwork. You have captured the emotion so well. Quite powerful. Grace to you.

Sherrie Lovler said...

Dear Carol,
I am saddened by your experience and thanks for being brave enough to state it here. Writing and posting this poem is part of my healing process, which, though decades past, still needs tending. Thanks for your caring thoughts. Namaste.

iskra said...

I understand this poem two ways. It speaks to the opportunism of miss-used power and victimhood, but if you shortened it to just the stanza

I left childhood
on a bright morning
wearing my favorite dress
which I would never wear again.

with that wonderful illustration ( a tangle of string, a marble, the entire world...)it would also speak to the universal experience of innocence and loss. That stanza sets my imagination alive.