Thursday, August 26, 2010


Slipping into the stream  
I sit by water’s edge  
drained of thought  
and activity  
as if melted  
into moistness  

Sliding past rocks  
and trees  
I am not alone  
but merged with  
my surroundings  

Birds fly by  
not noticing me  
I don’t notice me  

Time ceases to exist  
Only my heartbeat  
reminds me  
I am human  

And here  
in this wonderland  
of creation  
befalls me.


Anthony Lawlor said...

Another fabulous post! The image hums with the sense of merging and the poem takes me all the way there. Thank you.

Roann Mathias said...

Sherrie, This is just beautiful! The colors, the shapes, the subtlety of the is a captivating image. Thanks as always for sharing your gift,

Stephanie said...

I'm going through a very difficult and somewhat traumatic time. This beautiful poem has given me a sense of peace and calm. Thank you

Matt D said...

Gentle and steady as she goes ... :)