Monday, July 25, 2011

I Am Here

And then it happens
suddenly, it seems,
I am here.

In the cocoon of my making
in the bed I have chosen
in the midst of plants, soil and tears
in the rising of the sun
I am here.

I am here
in the dreadings of the day
in the waning of the moon
in the snow tops
the landslides
the bugs.

Life opens the door and lets me in,
far from anything I have done
and, yet, I am here.

Where land meets water
I am here
where sky bends down for me to touch
I am here
where fluid becomes solid and solid melts
where ruins turn into shrines
where walls transform landscapes
where trees curl and snarl
I am here.

Where love falters
I am here.
In its daily doings I sit and listen
absorb, sometimes too much.
Going within softens my soul
gives me time to replenish
to face the world again.

For all its ups and downs
cowardice and heroic acts
love woos and invites me in.
My walls are only stumbling blocks
stopping me along the path
I cower and crawl into my cave
but I don’t reside there.

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