Saturday, June 26, 2021

Just Dance

Take the bandage off your skin
and dance.
Stop the healing from the outside.
No form of “out there” can help you.

Take the ruins off your shelf
and smash them.
You don’t need the past holding you
where you don’t want to be.

Let your energy expand
in every direction.
There is no guide but silence,
there is no path but here.

There is no better, no worse,
no up, no down —
only your deep inner wisdom
longing to set you free.

Dance and let your voice rise
out of its cage.
Don’t try to tame that wild animal.
She is your sanctuary, your savior.

Dance and feel the rhythm of the beat.
Dance and let your body move.
Dance and wake your sleeping parts.
Dance and then dance some more.

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