Monday, September 13, 2010


This time 
there are no rules
Only that deep longing
you can no longer suppress:
To live your one true life.

Lost as you may be
Lost as you may become
the descent
into your soul
is the only way
to find yourself again.

The deeper you go
the more truth you unfold
the wiser your journey
the clearer your path.

The sun
is infinitely patient
as the moon
guides you now
through the layers
of discovery
that will determine
how bright your light
will eventually 


Kathleen Borkowski said...

This is amazing! The words and the image are equally great. Thanks for sharing this. Best, Kathleen

Sherrie Lovler said...

Thank you, thank you, Kathleen!

doreyart said...

Thank you, Sherrie!
Your words have touched me deeply and your paintings have inspired me to paint again, bringing my background in calligraphy into the image as you have. I love your work.

Sherrie Lovler said...

Thank you, Phyllis. This is the greatest compliment: that I have inspired you to paint again. On the surface it might look like I have left calligraphy behind, since now I am separating the words from the image, but, as you see, calligraphy is present in every piece I do.