Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Burning fire —
I step into you
boldly unknowing
where you will lead.

Though you try
to humble, confuse and
mock me
I walk your coals.

Who am I, you say,
to know my soul
to show my trivial self
to think others care?

Like those who have
forsaken you before,
I take a step
into the madness
into the dream
into the blunder.

Your rising flames
surround and scorch me
even torment me
but leave no exit


Victoria Pittman said...

nice,nice NICE!

Suzi Smith said...

mmm... i like!

Jenny Hunter Groat said...

Sherrie, I have loved your visual
art, NOW I am deeply appreciative of
your profound poetry. I cannot attend
your opening, but I will certainly be
there in spirit. Your work is all
that anything can be, IMHO, and the
revelation of yourself now through
your poetry is a fine thing. Poems
such as yours are only arrived at
through a lifetime of experience and
searching. Thank you. Love, Jenny HG

Sherrie Lovler said...

Dear Jenny,
I sit here absorbing your words through my entire body. I deeply appreciate what you wrote and feel honored to be seen this way by you. I have admired your work and life and have deeply resonated with your teachings, even early on. Thank you. Love, Sherrie