Thursday, March 17, 2011


Embedded in the mystery
is the one thing
I cannot unravel
dissect or tear apart —
it is my soul
saying 'Yes'

Through the chaos
my soul speaks to me
and I have followed it
not always knowing why.

To this day, 'Yes'
has obliged me to stay
and devour the doubt
the scrooge
the unknowing one
the one not wanting
to look so deeply
the one not wanting
to open up and share.

My soul knows
to repeat this to me
time and again
till I fully embrace
and trust it —
to follow 'Yes'

and here I am.


Victoria Pittman said...

Sherrie...your art keeps getting more and more beautiful and evocative.....


Sherrie Lovler said...

Thank you, thank you, Victoria. It was great having uninterrupted time at the Friends of Calligraphy retreat to just play on paper. Now to set up the same atmosphere up at home......

J C said...

Love it. Your art AND your poetry. I come here often to bask in your perceptions, but dont usually comment, and always leave pleased. Just wanted you to know.

Sherrie Lovler said...

Dear Judie......Thank you so much for letting me know. You have warmed my day.

Alice Young said...

Yes! I needed to read this today.