Sunday, January 31, 2010



We are here  
not lightly.  
It is not all  
fun and games  
nor hardship and woe.  
We have an obligation  
to fulfill.  

We don't come here  
knowing what it is  
we learn it  
through trial and tale.  

Beholden to our life  
is our purpose —  
our real work.  
Often hidden  
because it is deep,  
the deeper we open  
the closer we come.  

How do we know  
what our obligation is?  
When we find it  
we can do nothing else.  
It occupies us  
obsesses us  
scares and excites us.  
We don't do it for money  
or for someone else's cause.  

When we discover it  
we know it is real  
and nothing can  
take its place.  
This is what  
we are here to do.  

All of our challenges  
and hardships  
lead us here.  
This is the  
home of our soul  
yet, oddly enough,  
we only know  
what it is  
once we have found it.


Anthony Lawlor said...

Beautiful, work. I sense you birthing yourself from within like creation birthing itself from within its own spaciousness. Wonderful

Sherrie Lovler said...

Thank you Tony! Yes, I am feeling that, with all the fear and excitement that comes with it.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful poem, Sherrie. And very timely for my own life. Thanks for putting your thoughts down in such an eloquent manner and sharing them.