Friday, January 8, 2010

One World

Life invites us in  
A chair is there for sitting
a bed for sleeping
a tree for hugging.  
It is interactive
we are part of the dance.

Separation causes disunity
a me, a thou  
Harmony is unity
us, we, ours.
We are all sharing this world.

A smile can go a long way,
a laugh — miles. 
The moon invites us to visit
the Milky Way to wonder
the sun shares its heat,
the stars their twinkle
Orion, his protection.

Plants invite us to eat
trees share their bounty
the oriole says, "look at me"
the zebra boasts its stripes
the cat shares her love.

And us
we share our souls
the deep intimacy
of our being
to lighten
the days of others,
brightening ours
along the way.

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