Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ode to the Veil


One doesn't know  
the veil is there  
before it is lifted,  
Until that aha moment  
when it dissolves 
opening to a new reality,  
a doorway into  
the continuing dream.  

How many veils  
are still up now?  
What hides the beauty  
that I don't see,  
what befalls me  
that I don't breathe in  
with reverence?  

What love  
do I not experience  
for some blind spot,  
what joy do I  
not languish in  
for some grid of perception  
that comes between it and me?  

What small miracle  
do I not wonder about  
and admire  
for its brilliance?  
What part of life  
am I missing?  

In my Ode to the Veil  
I am hereby ready  
to have it removed,  
so I can fully enjoy  
with ecstasy  
the truth surrounding me.  

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