Friday, February 26, 2010

Dawn's Rose


I greeted you  
this morning  
at the pivotal part  
of day.  

Still gray out  
dew in the air  
I walked your path.  
Emerging from  
brown twigs  
and sleepy greens  
you secretly  
showed your face,  
to your own  
newness and beauty.  

And there
in the silence  
that only a
crow's caw sliced  

I know  
you greeted me.

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Anthony Lawlor said...

Moved and touched by this post. In your words, I heard the flowers greeting me and felt all of nature welcoming me.

Matt D said...


69wishes said...

This touched me deeply... Took me back in time to the moment when I began to be @ peace w/a loved ones death... I heard his Hello in a Ravens song...
Id like your permision to share your work on my Facebook Wall...

Sherrie Lovler said...

Dear 69wishes,

Thank you. Nice to touch into that moment with you.

Yes, please share my work. All I ask is that my name go with the poems (and art) and there is a link to my blog.
Thanks for the request. Best......