Sunday, February 21, 2010

Morning Ocean

Wild water wanderer
As far as I can see
It's all you —
   on and on
   to the gentle
   curve of the earth.
And more beyond that.

The morning birds
   come to greet you
What have you brought
   from your travels?
Fish from far away shores
   ancestors to become
   part of the food chain.

Ducks take their morning bath
   otters their playful swim
I take my morning breath
   upon you —
Salt in the air
   moistness, breeze.

Life — I am part of you
   Beauty, you are part of me.
Old patterns of holding back
   break like waves
   on the rocks
   into billions of drops
Like tears falling from my eyes.

How can we not be one?


Anthony Lawlor said...

Wonderful image and inspiring poem. Thanks for sharing your beautiful perceptions of life.

Matt D said...

Neat images and thoughts! :)

Sherrie Lovler said...

Thanks, Tony and Matt. The image is inspired by Carl Jung's drawings in The Red Book, and looking at the ocean.