Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Raw Earth

What if I  
don't behave?  

What if I run  
in the streets and say 
look — you — 
are beautiful  

What if I sing  
at ocean's edge  
calling to the waves  
as they call to me  

What if I answer  
each bird's song  
with a song of my own  

What if I shout for joy
that I am alive  
experiencing earth  
here, now, fully  

What if I pick up  
a handful of soil  
and drop it  
on my head  
yes — you —  
the soil that springs up life  

What if all  
the ways of suppressing  
my joy are removed  

What if self-criticism  
perfectionism and fear  

What if I dance instead of walk  
laugh instead of smile  
sing instead of talk?

And what if  
I meet you there
how will you

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