Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear Mother Earth

This morning I awake  
and you fill me.  
Your bountiful glory  
sweeps through my veins.  
I am alive with my  
awareness of you.  

Taking you in all at once  
is almost too much to do —  
you overwhelm me.  
My heart beats for you  
my breath depends upon you.  
Your sounds caress my ears  
your chirps, waves  
secret calls  
entice me to listen deeper.  
Your colors fill my eyes.  
How many shades of green you are,  
tints of blue.  
And your color combinations —  
what magic!  

Your Jasmine greets me  
with the sweetest, softest scent  
your vine intermingling my mind  
with places I knew  
but here, now, you are dripping  
with fresh rains  
from the heavens.  
Clouds white with gray overtones —  
how do you do this?  

Your gentle undulating waves  
mesmerize me  
your abundant gardens  
fill me with life enhancing  
tastes and goodness.  
You are all.  
You carry the wisdom of the One.  
YOU are amazing.  

And I am here  
loving you  
and feeling your perennial  
love for me.  
There is nothing more  
I want or need.  
I am full.  
Full of love  
for you.

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