Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Portal

The way out  
is always through —  
through the grief  
through the passion  
through the unending pain  
that has followed you  
all your life.  

Feel your longings  
feel your want of freedom from  
which leads to freedom to.  

Breathe in deeply  
I am here  
I am always here.  

Open like the eyes of an animal  
roaming in society  
built up around her.  

Open like the beast  
hunting for food  
keenly aware  
that any moment his life may end.  

Open knowing  
this is your home.  
Fill the ocean with your tears  
feel the earth supporting you.  
Rise again  
be born anew.  

Life can flow easily  
through you again.  
There is a way out  
there is love,  
hope and wild beauty  
there is peace
even contentment.  

There is a way for you  
to grow into who you already are.  

But you have to  
be willing to go through.

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Roann Mathias said...

Sherrie, I really like this one! The mark is so expressive! Thanks for being brave enough to share all of your art and poetry.

Anthony Lawlor said...

Spectacular post. The image and words are powerful, moving.

Suzi Smith said...

so glad i skipped over here.... really liking what you are sharing...

Sherrie Lovler said...

Thank you, Roann, Tony and Suzi.I really appreciate your comments.